Yoyofactory bearings problems

Ok so I have 5 yoyofactory yoyos and on all but 1 the bearing has failed. It starts by getting gradually more responsive and then it sounds gritty like one or more of the balls came out of the race and after that 2 out of the 4 bearing failures I’d have had actually smelled like smoke after a bit more play.

This has happened on CT bearings and yoyofactory 8ball flat bearings. I basically consider these 2 bearings garbage and will replace them immediately from now on. This really sucks because the CTX is one of the best bearings I’ve used but high end yoyofactory generally ships with CT.

What I’m trying to get to is why do people praise the CT bearing? It works great basically like the CTX until you play with it for more that 1.5 hours in a session.

Also to Yoyofactory, please put CTX in your 100+ $ yoyos, it actually offends me that you would disgrace such well made yoyos with such cheap, poorly made, overall awful bearings.

Sorry for the rant I just know that this must have happened to somebody else!!

Youre supposed to keep bearings clean, don’t play through the grit.

YYF bearings usually have very poor consistency. Some are fine, even great, but more often than not they kick it after a very short period.

Remember to always clean your bearings and relube them properly early on and repeat if any problems start to arise. This should keep them in action for a touch longer, but most times a shot bearing is a shot bearing.

This. A few times, I’ve had yoyos that have actually come with bad yyf bearings, most of yyfs bearings they come with are hit-or-miss. I usually put a crucial grooved in any new yyf throws I get before I start playing with them.

Happened to me too Nikolai. It’s not grit or anything it’s something like flat balls. They have a weird rattling sound that makes it seem like the bearings come out of the race. Happened to me two times, and when I emailed YYF about it they took 2 weeks to reply and were pretty slow about it, and didn’t send replacements until after a month. I agree, CT’s and Specs are crimes. I don’t buy really buy much YYF anymore.

Yeah, YYF’s customer service is terrible, but I guess you become jaded after thousands of stupid emails.

I had a yomega with a cracked inner race, and i ordered it directly from yomega :o But I had about 3 plastic grind machines and i wore a bearing out on 1 of them, the other the bearing is about to go, but they only last about as long as the yoyo does for me before they fail, but if it were metal it would be more dissapointing. I outgrew the plastic grind machines anyway.

you can always order yoyos from china with cc size c bearings and switch em for the yyf stock bearing and sell them to someone starting out in yoyo, or just order a full ceramic like i did in my yomega dash.

I would recommend a full ceramic in any yoyo that is on the heavy side

@SCmikey: You must be hard on stuff. I’ve got yoyos that are 10 years old that are played regularly. The bearings are still good.

BTW - you can buy replacement bearings here that are of good quality. Or go to most any hobby store that sels RC cars etc. They have a good supply of bearings.

Sorry to hear you are having trouble with your bearings Nikolai. Most YYF bearings work great but like anything produced on such a large scale there is bound to be a few bad ones. Did you purchase the yo-yos from us? if so give us a call or send an email and we can help.



I use a CT bearing in 50+ of my yoyos, most of which have been in use for years. the gritty sound you hear is more than likely dust or small particles in your bearings, OR you need to lube your bearings. Lubing a bearing will make it a tad slower, but makes it last ages longer, spin much more smoothly, reduce noise, and sometimes I’ve found it to solve slight vibe issues.

None of my CT bearings have spin problems, but a few have shape defects like asymmetrical cuts, too wide/narrow gap, etc.
None of my CTX bearings have these, but some of them are prone to high rpm stalling.

Now although all Dif KK and NSKs that I own get none of these problems, I still prefer CT and CTX just because theyr loose and I dont need to worry about damaging the bearing seat when I unscrew my yoyos.
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