Should I get a Dark Magic?

Hey whats up? Now I’ve been throwing a Velocity for the past few months and want something new. I’m thinking about getting a Dark Magic. Whats everyones verdict on this yoyo? Ive heard multiple things. If you think I should get it should i get a KonKave bearing with it and what type of string should i get? I was thinking 100% Poly string.
If you have an suggestions please feel free

I think your best option is the new breed. It’s a great yoyo for a good price and I personally prefer it over the dark magic. Get some 100% poly string they are the best!

A not to be rude but he has many options, he could take that as a suggestion.
Benny , if you really like the magic then go for it. Have you tried looking at other yoyos too?
KKs aren’t necessary, I’m not saying they aren’t good but if you reslly like to spend your $ for a bearing that is about the price of a yoyo then it’s up to you.
Strings, preferance, I suggest you buy small packs of different strings if you don’t have preferance yet.
Polys are great IMO.

I have a dark magic in red. I think you should definitely get a dark magic. It is by far one of the best yoyos on the market and it is Andre’s signature yoyo. Everything about it is good. I would highly recommend getting a Konkave with it. I play with a KK in it and it definitely is a great upgrade. Especially with gyroscopic flop. 100% poly is the best string for this yoyo. That’s what I use.

I’m with newbee. If the Dark Magic is what looks cool to you, go for it. It’s a solid throw, and as Andre’s videos demonstrate, the sky is the limit with that yoyo.

I would skip on the DM and hybrid response in general. Go for a differen’t metal rimmed. KK is definetly not needed and a good throw will center your string for you. 100% poly is always a good choice.

IMO instead of going for the DM, I suggest the protostar, it comes with a Center Trac, which IMO is better than a kk, Protostar is a solid throw.

dark magic is a great yoyo but if you can bind the atmosphere is like $1 more and imo a tiny smidge better because it is smaller. a tiny bit off topic but is the blue poly string thicker if so how much and why?

i too am not the biggest fan of hybrid response. i would go for the x-convict for that style of yoyo personally. although the DM has a feel all it’s own. i love how big it is, feels good in my hand, and super easy to land tricks on. nice wide profile but not wide enough to make it awkward.

the great thing about a lot of these YYJ yoyos as well is the fact you can shim them and adjust the string gap. theyre great intermediate yoyos because of that. they will change and suit you better as your skill level increases. hope whatever you decide on tho suits you good! it’s hard to shop for a yoyo when you dont know how they play or feel sometimes.

“Should I get a Dark Magic?”