Should I buy One + SPEC or save more to have a Starlite?


I am playing advance 1 and don’t know that I should buy One + SPEC or try to save more money to buy Starlite? And I don’t know that I can use Starlite to play to Master and then play freestlye too? If it can, doese Starlite good for Master and freestyle? If it can’t what yoyo I should use for playing Master and freestyle? Sorry because my bad English, hope you can understand me ;D


I would save up for the StarLite if that’s what you really want.




I have tried a One, and it plays well. I have had a Starlite, and it played well, too.

I don’t know if the One is better than the Starlite.

If money is an issue, I would go with the One with the wide bearing. I don’t think the Starlite is worth more than twice the price.

But either yo-yo will be good enough to do just about any trick you want it to.



So do you think that Starlite will worth it money? And can I use Starlite to practice easily to Master and freestyle? If I can’t use it, what yoyo from YYF I should buy?


Starlite it’s a great yoyo. And glows in the dark


Yes you can do anything the pros can do with a StarLite. The StarLite is just like the NorthStar and that’s what was used to win the world championship.


You can do any of the tricks on here with a one or a Starlite.
But personally I’d save up for a Starlite. Plays really well for a $25 throw.


So One with Spec can do every 1A tricks On this site, right? Or I need to put in a CT or a KK


CT and KK aren’t necessary. a yyf spec bearing is capable of doing anything you throw at it. the only bearing I consider an actual upgrade are a one drop 10 ball, or a terrapin. but you really don’t need anything other than the SPEC.
and you can do every trick on here with a one :slight_smile: just takes practice


As he said you do not need a KK or CT just skills, in the end SPECs are your best bet. Save the money and just work on your throws. (I have a CT and I can’t tell the difference in it compared to my SPEC.)