need help

My dad is letting me get a bunch of yoyos.I could get 5 northstars,or
4 northstars and a starlite.What should I get?

Umm… Why do you want five Northstars?

I would diversify. There is no point to 5 Northstars. Or 4 Northstars for that matter.

But if you are really set on that purchase, I would go for 4 Northstars and a Starlight.

1 dv888 1 protostar and one northstar and a starlite but if u have to ghet those its dumb to get all 5 the sime so get 4 north and one starlite

i want to compete for 3a,5a,and 1a

Aaah. 4 Northstars and a Starlite. There’s more of a variety that way. And don’t you feel too bored? Like many yoyo’s can do 3A, 1A and 5A well too.

if you really and to do 1a, 3a, and 5a, you should only get 2 northstars or starlites, their is no point of buying a yoyo for each different style. also try(oyo is right, your price tag is gonna be roughly $160 for 4 norths and 1 lite, 5 norths are gonna be about $176ish

i would get a new metal, or the new C3 design halo is out, c3buddha highly reccommends it, and the best part is that it is a delrin. if your willing to wait, I hung out with hank freeman(2009-2010 national 3a champion) and he said that the freebird 2 will be comming out soon, i played one in person, i personally think it will be an excellent 3a yoyo. the only thing i want to give away is that it will have a large bearing intstead of small, but that’s it, nothing more

let me break it down for you:
unlike metals or plastics delrins have a special property that is called self lubrication which basically means the nics and scratches will slowly disappear.
I plan on getting a pair of delrins for 3a, and the halo is only $60 which means two halos will still be less than your cluster of stars,

this is what i this you should do man,

you can use the same throw you do for 1a as you do for 3a, and 5a. sometimes even for 4a.
So just go with 2 north stars, maybe 2 loopers, and something big for offstring, and you’re good to go with all 5 styles :slight_smile:

Tbh, you only need 2 of the same yoyos. I say get two yoyos that cost around 60-80dollars each so you can do all three styles you mentioned

what if im doing a 3a freestyle,and i drop a only have two yoyos,so i wouldn’t be
able to pick one up.

well you really only need 2 northstars but you might need a back up or 2. so i would recommend getting 3 or 4 northstars. and maybe a metal yoyo for 1A

starlites are pretty cool also but i wouldn’t recommend them for competition

how about 2 northstars,2 protostars,and a starlite?

all are good yoyos so its up to you now. i like northstars more than protostar though :slight_smile:

starlites are impressive cause the glow in the dark amazes people, especially if you get glowing string :slight_smile:

Why not?

I’m afraid Mr. drzweiecki would have to disagree with you.  He won the polish nationals with a starlite and this routine.