New Throw

Aunt is getting me a new yoyo for around 30-35 dollars. I have a protostar and was thinking either a north star or pgmv2.Also thinking starlite. Which ones do u think and why.

The Starlite is very similar to the Protostar, in shape too, but the Protostar is more expensive as it also has the 2 anodized aluminum weight rings.

A friend of mine and I, have the same conflict between the PGM. When you throw it, it spins, yes it does, but if you spin it at a sleeper, it’s like something is rubbing it slower. Seems to me that it just doesn’t spin as long as my friend and I expected. But for a hubstack spin, I could tell it was spinning much more free. Weird.
But I’ve heard greats stories about it, spins so long, and the YYF Demo is so attractive and real, but with my hardest throw, it still spins “stuck”. And I;ve checked everywhere on the yoyo for any debris and clean every thing on the yoyo, still not free spin.
Maybe it’s just me.

Northstar is great, it’s worth the price but, you might want a different shape or something, the Proto and the Northstar are so similar, (there’s a thread on this board about it).

a protostar, northstar, and starlight are all the same/almost the same shapewise. only difference I know of is the weight. A northstar is a great throw, but if you have a proto star already I’d go for something else.
I’ve thrown my friend’s PGM, and I’m personally not that big of a fan. kind of felt a bit heavy for my taste.
I’d recommend taking a look at the b/s/t. there are plenty of great deals there.

lol wow this pretty much sums up the forums.

im pretty sure the proto has plastic weight rings and the north has anod. alum

Protostar uses plastic weight rings?

Starlite uses plastic, North and Proto use Anoed Aluminum. ???

i dont have the proto, i could be wrong. ill ask my freind to bring his proto tomorrow

Look at a picture of a Protostar. But though they both have aluminum weight rings, Protostar really is more “hollow” and lighter.