Lols it would be nice if this website had international shipping O.o Then i could buy a shirt lol XD
Yay! international shipping will come soon!
lol it would be nice if u could add “Plan D”, Basic 3A tricks, the trick mickey does REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY FAST FAST FAST from a split bottom mount and “Mondial”(lol XD)

By the way, what is the trick on the shirt he made?

We will have international shipping VERY SOON. Possibly tonight or the end of this week.
The trick on the t-shirt is Ladder Escape.

Wow, is becoming very popular very fast! Much faster than I thought, this is fantastic!!!..i probaly just jynxed it :-X :stuck_out_tongue:

The t-shirt is awesome, but I don’t think that 3A is one of Andre’s favorite styles. He can do it, but I don’t think he likes it as well!

3a is the most unpopular style i believe. and Andre the t-s are great. I’m going to get one asap. you really did something great for the yoyo community. later.

keep it spinning

for a really good tutorial for Plan D go check out beverchakus1’s channel on youtube and look through all his videos. He has a tut for Plan D there.