Trick on the YoYoExpert T-shirt?

What is the trick on the YoYoExpert T-shirt called? I have wondered it for about two weeks but since I have the shirt, I suspect people will ask me to do that trick. :smiley:

ladder escape

Correct. André told me. I cant wait to get my shirt :smiley:

Its awesome! I have to practice that some time.

I already know how, lol

Happy Throwing! =]

I wish i could get a shirt. chekcs pockets Uhm i have a dollor and a paper clip!

I wish i could have one for Florida, but it’s too late now it won’t be here on time.

It is Ladder Escape.


that was unnecessary lol.
Yup, ladder escape, part 2 of andre’s video i think.

Good luck at it! Checks Pockets for money

I mean I already know how to do a ladder escape trick, and I know
its a ladder escape mount in that shirt

Happy Throwing! =]

i have found that its the step after the mount, so once in the mount you pop it through that hole and land it on that one string, and that is what the shirt is.

Thank you. However, this post is a tad old. Make sure to check the date of the last post to make sure you’re not necro posting. :wink:

Well, it wasnt even a week. But I suppose the thread served its purpose.

Yeah…I regretted saying this after posting it. Sorry boywhoyo.