whats that trick on the yoyoexpert shirts?!?!?

title says it all i know i read it on the site before but i cant find it anymore

Ladder Escape

what part?

thanks minibear

the mount

No, its after you pop through the triangle, and land it on the triangle thingy. It is in part 2 of andre’s tut.
It’s 1:36 of this tut.

thanks for the tut rsmod!!! i can actually do it now!!!

Thats Great! But don’t forget, his tut’s green triangle is actually wrong haha, have to learn andre’s way. Thats the standard triangle thing.

Yeah, thats the Ladder Mount. It looks really stretched out.

Holy crud did you read what i posted? Its not a ladder mount! Its 1:36 of the video i posted!