And Whut and Ladder Escape

So since my favorite kind of tricks (and I am good enough to learn) are the long string tricks, I have started the And Whut and have touched on the Ladder Escape. But I really stopped the ladder escape until I get this And Whut down. I am at the part in and whut ("part 2, I think?) where you go to the 1 1/2 mount all the way until you get that green triangle with that extra string in the back. I can’t seem to pop that GT out onto a trapeze to make it a trapeze and his bro. And if I do, then usually right away the string falls off of my finger. So how can I do this better?

And for Ladder Escape, even though I do the same thing every time to get into the ladder mount (the part I’m stuck on), it seems to come out a bit differently every time. I can’t find a tutorial that’s clear for me to understand what to do with the ladder mount. I think I am doing it wrong but I don’t know what part, because I think I am doing it right. Help please?

It looks like you know what you’re doing at And whut so just keep practicing and you’ll get it.

As for ladder escape, tbh that trick was such a pain in the *** To learn cuz I couldnt find any clear and concise tutorials for it, so I got stuck on pretty much every part after the ladder mount. So after I learned it I decided to try to make a tutorial of the trick that wasn’t crappy.

And here it is:


Thank you so much! I’m in Chicago so I’ll look at the tutorial later. And I’m happy that I’m not the only one now that thinks there are no clear tutorials. And I actually found a few hours ago that’ll hopefully help me a bit.

Sorry for the double post, but, how do I make the triangle that I am supposed to pop the yoyo through bigger? Or all of them, for that matter. What determines the size of them, because sometimes they come out big, and other times they come out super small.

I have the exact same problem! Thats why i havent learned ladder escape yet.

I actually have the ladder mount down now. Would you like for me to make a 5 minute tutorial for just the ladder mount? Because I will do that.

Haha thanks for the offer, but im not even too interested in the trick anyways.

Longer string makes the loop bigger, but the fits are pretty tight in general, just something you got to get used to.

Ok sweet. And thanks for the tut Andy, I’m still using it right now. =D

for those that need the last part, is quite good