Yoyoexpert T-Shirt Trick

I couldn’t find any threads like this, even though there might be. Please tell me if there is, and I will lock it/delete it right away. Ok, so here we go.

What is the trick on the Yoyoexpert T-shirts? There are a bunch of triangles and the yo-yo is on the string. It looks like it might be off of wrist mount but does it have a name? Any tutorials?

it is a part of Ladder Escape.

Thats a really bad link lol, it has no advice on where in ladder escape it is. You shoulda posted this one.

At least that link has a vid ;D

It is part 1:28 of the video. Just watch from there. Man this video has to get stickied, there have been like 4 threads of this liking since i’ve been here.