YoYoExpert.com T-Shirt Trick?

When at the YYE home page the picture to the left middle of the page advertising the YYE t shirts
u know the guy imatating the picture on the tshirt
What is this trick called?
Cann anyone post a tut?
Thank you

P.S. I love this picture
this tricks looks great with a legacy

its like in the middle of ladder escape its in the master section


I can see you’re new, so I’ll just inform you of this. There is a search button towards the top of the screen. It’s very helpful, seeing as how this question has been asked before. Please use this when you can. Thanks. :wink:

Hope you enjoy your stay here on the forum!

Ok sry about that I would of searched it but i didnt know wat key words to use

I understand that. Just try a few things. “Yoyoexpert tshirt” would be a good starting point.

I’m sorry if this is getting off topic but I have to agree on this advice. As an example, last week or so I created a post about deciding on a metal yo-yo and why metals would be a good choice, and later the same day about 4 or 5 posts about the same topic were created and mine got kind of pushed to the side as a result. Also, it’s kind of frustrating when I spend alot of time analyzing and perfecting advice to give to someone on a trick that they are having trouble with, and then the next day a brand new topic is created asking the exact same question. There is so much good advice posted on this forum that often times a new topic is not necessary, unless there are more specifics you needed that weren’t previously covered or you are scared about someone yelling at you for “necroing,” although I don’t quite understand that if someone needs help.

Anyway sorry again to get off topic, just felt the need to rant :stuck_out_tongue: