I was wandering why there are no 3a trick tutorials on yoyoexpert?

When you watch the video of the basic styles he shows you a basic 3 trick…

So why isn’t there?

André doesn’t really like 3A.

And it is the least popular stuyle of play I think.

then why cant they have a different person do it.Also dose André have an account on yoyo expert?

Yes, he is YoYoExpert.

André made the site, so I’m not sure he wants other people to be teaching.

That is what he made www.yoyoexpert.org for.

Andre doesn’t not like 3a, how do you know that? maybe he just doesn’t want to do 3A, which doesn’t mean that he doesn’t like it

You can learn some 3a tricks from here: http://www.yoyoing.com/beginner/

Not exactly tutorials, but the way they do it, theres not really a need for speech.

All the tricks you see 3a people doing are probably original.


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