3A Tutorials?

I suggest that there should be some 3A tutorials on Yoyoexpert. There is tutorials for every style except 3A. Granted not many people do 3A, but it would still bring attention to this site.

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Does anyone want to start learning 3A? ???

not exactly but i ask this question as well someone should answer

I would start learning if there were ready acess to tutorials. I’ve been learning 4a and 5a just because I see the tutorials on the net here. But 3a is something I’d like to try out but I don’t think I’d be very good at.

I would like to learn too, but i would probably get knots galore… :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s because the tuts are all replays of when Andre was on ExpertVillage.com He was the expert for professional yoyoing. He taught all the styles he knew, but alas, he did not know much 3a tricks.

Yeah, but he could have someone guest teach like Miggy did.

That would be awesome if he had like Kentaro Kimura guest teach. Your right, 3A tutorials would be really nice. There needs to be 3A tutorials. Youtube probably has several, but like no other websites have them. Barely anyone plays 3A. :’(

i would love to learn 3a

Yeah, there just needs to be a place where there is a list of 3A tutorials organized. I want to learn it, but I can’t find that many trick tutorials to motivate me to get seriously started on it. I am still hoping for Kentaro to have some tutorials made. :wink:

That would be really nice! I’d buy another yoyo just to do 3A. Especially do that trick called cocoro(sp)

Well while you wait, here’s a good place to start for learning 3A: A pair of throw monkeys, FHz/2n, or Hyabusas. I used Hyabusas myself because the larger width and extra rim weight helped a lot. What do I mean helped? I’M STILL LEARNING! It helps a lot. There are some tutorials that can be found here at begin2spin.com

How many times has this topic been discused?

There is no 3a on YYE.

There never has been 3a on YYE.

There never will be 3a on YYE.

I don’t like it, but it’s a fact. Maybe some 3a players on the forums could take just 30 minutes out of their day to make a decent 3a instructional. Just a thought, would be pretty cool.

some 3a players dont have cameras to make 3a vids.

This thread has been dead for nearly two months. You don’t need to bring back old topics, especially to make a point that didn’t need to be made.