so I need a source for 3a stuff...

Hey, i’m trying to find a source for a sort of long term 3a tutorial person and/or line of videos. Any help?

Billybob’s site is good (rolls eyes and looks at Zorro)

Slusny also has some tutorials on Youtube, but those tricks are a bit advanced so you might wanna learn the basics first on another website

yes, I am aware, but thanks. Is there a source for when I’m better? Right now, I’m working on the basics. I know yoyomad’s 2 combos with the kink and velvet mount, but that’s pretty much it.

3A…The hardest of them all, also the least amount of content on. Good luck!

May I suggest korokoro? It’s a challenging one but it’s really rewarding once you get the rhythm down

Yah man…, Anything you can learn 3A is going to put you way ahead in your abilities plus it all looks great.

Advanced 3a tutorials? No.

What makes 3a the most frustrating isn’t the knots, its the lack of tutorials. Like a trick you see? Learn it if you can, if not, put your own spin on the concept.

I wouldn’t call the slusny tutorials advanced, other than assisted suicide.

That’s the hard truth. 3a doesn’t have long term tutorials, you have to either try to imitate, or make your own tricks. I guess that’s why 3a isn’t as popular as it could be.

Alright, so what I have to do is maybe look at some videos, like the yoyorecreation ones, and see if any of the combos there I can do/learn? I mean, I can do that, is that what I need to do?

Why? What’d I do?

It helps to view material for ideas. Freestyles, promo videos, lots of different forms of videos can give you inspiration.

Also, try to think of the mounts as 1a mounts. Blueline is a 1 and a half front mount etc so if you see a 1a concept you like, you can do it in the 3a mount, then figure out what to do with the other yoyo.

Coincidentally I was only going to learn one 3A trick and that’s the one. I only want to learn it because it looks so great. Tried it yesterday with the YYF Whip and MYY N12, was a disaster. After I got it onto the thing it wouldn’t roll. Weird I got so many dings xD

Just a tip, for korokoro you want to align your hands because you are basically trapeze, dismount, trapeze with each roll.

Like trapeze, you want to align your hands so the yoyo doesn’t go towards or away from you, instead, it stays a constant distance from you so it will always land on the string.

When you do hit the trick, you can start trying to keep them apart so they don’t hit each other. That part is just practice since different people have different methods of doing that.

Nothing. I was just thinking of a certain website with 3a tutorials and then I remembered who taught me what billybobs actually is haha

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I can get it on the “mount” to start them rolling, but I just can’t roll it without hitting each other. Getting it on is pretty easy, rolling the yoyos without them hitting is hard, but I’m getting better ::slight_smile:

so, to sum up this post, I should look at the pros, and get some inspiration from that, and put my own spin on a combo. I will also learn tricks for some hard mounts, like trapeze and trapeze and his brother type thing.

In my opinion, yes.

this is what i went by as well

wait, so, the journey of 3a is like the one for 1a, but you start making combos much earlier?

There aren’t any preset combos to learn, so you make your own.