Shipping question (random :) )


I ordered the yyf Supernova Tuesday around 8:00 pm does it come Friday (tomorrow) or Monday (Monday :stuck_out_tongue: )?

p.s: I used priority shipping


Should have sent you a tracking number in your email. I ordered mine Tuesday too and says it should be here today. (Philly)


Ok, so since it was at 8pm Tue, it didn’t go out until Wed. There’s a chance for today, but I’d actually say Saturday. If you’re mail doesn’t run Saturday in your city, then monday.


Nope got it today :slight_smile:


me 2


How does the tracking thing work and where do you check?


You go to the USPS website. There’s a link to tracking there. Follow it and put in the tracking number you were sent. The problem is, it is mainly for the sender to verify that the package was delivered since they only report that it has been delivered, not where it is at any given time.

You will already know that. :wink:


I know this has been addressed, but I’m in California, YYE is in Massachusetts.

I normally wait 3 days for stuff to arrive, excluding Sundays.

With the recent weather and fall-out hitting the East Coast, expect to tack on 2-3 extra days for a bit.

Patience. Priority Mail isn’t truly any bigger of a priority than First Class, they just try a little bit harder.


I am in Vegas and I usually get my Yoyoexpert packages in 2 days from when they were shipped.


I’m in CA too I got it yesterday (Fri.)