Shipping time question

Has anyone ever gotten something shipped to them on a saturday? I got 4 throws coming in the mail, and I am way to impatient to wait until Monday. So please some experiences guys :slight_smile:

Well i don’t remember if i got mine on a saterday, but you can most likely track a package to know when it will arrive.

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OH YEAH DUDE, HAHAHA, I completely forgot, thanks a bunch man, I was getting all worried over nothing. Maybe a miracle can happen, and it will ship to me on a Saturday!

How do I track a package, I’m confused :frowning:

You should have received a tracking number (if you ordered from yoyoexpert at least). I have received many throws on a Saturday. There is hope!

Thanks bud, now I have to deal with the long wait, it’s going to be the longest 14 hours of my life!

Traditionally, USPS tracking numbers are fairly useless for predicting arrival time. My experience is that they are not updated until it is delivered. Tracking for UPS deliveries on the other hand is pretty good.

I got a yoyo last Saturday, but I suppose it’s kind of late now for a package.