How long does yoyo expert normally take to ship to Florida. Does anyone know?

It’ll take about 3 business days to arrive. If you order today, it will ship Monday.

Yup or sometimes if you order on a Friday before 12pm
it will be packed and delivered to the ppl

thanks dude

thanks brotha

dnellegar - ever try the “Thank You” tab (upper RH corner on every post)?

Thank u! Nah Jk but in all seriousness can u do a thankyou on the mobile app somehow?

No, unfortunately :confused:

Guys I still haven’t gotten my rally and I ordered it last Monday :weary::weary::weary:

Don’t worry, If it doesn’t show up, YYE has great customer service and will most likely send you another one.

Have you checked the tracking number to ‘See’ where the Rally is?

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I live in FL and all of my orders arrive within three days.

What a coicidence! I’m also waiting for a rally to arrive! It’s been a week so far and it’s still in New York :frowning:

If you wait more than two weeks and you cannot track it, then I would probably call or email them, but do not rush it.

It will be in the mail box tomorrow :slight_smile:

coincidence? I think not /: