Shipping Expensive Ebay Yoyos?


My Pyro I put up on ebay just sold for $378! I was hoping for some advice/opinions about how to handle shipping. At that price, should I be insuring it? Signature?


I ALWAYS insure a package if it’s $100 or more. If the package gets lost, you’ll be out that money plus your yoyo.

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Only ask for Sig if the buyer requests it. I hate it when seller does that to me, im rarely home to catch it and makes the whole thing a worse, longer, drawn out process that adds sometimes days to the drop off.

Always insure, track, priority is good. If you dont care to spend a little extra (easy come easy go, right?) get it there overnight. Hes happy, risk in minimal, transit times are diminished.

Otherwise, just treat it like all the others, just add some insurance.


I just looked, and the buyer is in Switzerland, so I’ll definitely insure. Been 36 hours and they haven’t paid, though…


I would definitely insure it. I normally don’t unless it’s something expensive.

Has the buyer had any contact with you after the sale? The underbidder has a lot of transaction feedback so you may want to contact him/her in case the winner flakes.

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Give him till 48 hours, if no payment, contact next in line. :slight_smile:


Insurance for sure! Hope the buyer comes through soon. I always try to pay my bids on the same day I win and wish buyers would do the same…


I just realized you said Switzerland. That’s where Hspin is from. Probably not a coincidence.

That makes me think the buyer is a collector and will come through.


Good point!


Unrelated? It’s about yoyos…

Anyway, can anybody help me with the GSP (Global Shipping Program)? I thought it worked that I shipped to a domestic site, and Ebay took care of everything, but I can’t figure out how it works. The buyer is asking for a total, but I don’t know what that would be?! Do I just send it to him with out adding shipping, and ebay adds it on automatically? UGH!

On the one hand I could have done domestic only, but the bidding war happened between someone from Switzerland and Russia, so I guess that why I got a good price…

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What exactly are you talking about?


I figured it out. Apparently I failed to opt in to the Global Shipping Program. I just had to use the shipping calculator…

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Oh okay. Well that is good :smiley:


So…did the winning bid pay up the 378 or what?


Yep, it’s on it’s way!



I should have held on to my Gold Pyro, huh? :C


Maybe so!

It all worked out. Yoyo made it fine, and money made it to my PP account.