Shinwoo Pro Wing 4A Review

Shinwoo Pro Wing 4A Review

Hello everybody today I will be reviewing Shinwoo Pro Wing 4a. Keep in mind this is my first review so when you are done reading tell me how I did. The reason why I am doing an offstring yoyo is because I enjoy 4a it is my favorite style. I am far from being an expert at 4a but I would not call myself a beginner. Other offstring yoyos I have thrown have been YYJ XX fiesta, YYJ Go Big, YYJ Equinox, and Shinwoo Griffin wing.
First Impression
The Pro Wing is what I would call a Low priced machined delrin offstring yoyo the only cheaper machined delrin offstring yoyo I found was the Windforce by God-Tricks. When I first look at the yoyo I found that the yoyos cup was very similar to the Go Big but unlike the Go Big the Pro Wing had an IRG that could only be achieved by machining and not injection molding. The yoyo look like it has a lot of outer weight which is uncommon is offstrings.
Diameter: 70 mm / 2.75 inches
Width: 51.75 mm / 2.03 inches
Gap Width: 3.25 mm / .12 inches
Weight: 77.4 grams
Bearing Size: Size C (.250 x .500 x .187)
Parts list
• 3 flat response pads
• 1 ridged response pad
• 2 shims
• 1 steel axle
• 1 aluminum axle
Axle system
I find that the axle system is very important to any type of yoyo. It influences the vibe and durability of the yoyo. The yoyo has metal spacers were the bearing seat is and the bearing post is a part of the axle which is thread to a metal hub on the other side. As you may have noticed in the parts list the Pro Wing comes with an aluminum axle and a steel axle with allows you to change the center weight.
Response system
The response system is interesting. The response pads are not held in with adhesive on one side like many other yoyos but are held in with the metal spacers. This allows you to change response between flat and ridged response. I also found myself using one One Drops flow groove pad that I had were the adhesive wore out.
On the throw
If you were to ask me “What type of offstring yoyo is the Pro wing?” I would tell you it is all of them. Changing the response, changing the axel or adding the shims will change the Pro wing into a different yoyo, which is great since there are different types of offstring playing styles.
Spin time
The Pro wing has great spin time, the longest spin time amount any offstring yoyo I have thrown which is not saying too much since I haven’t thrown any yoyo more expensive then the Pro wing. I am able to do all the tricks I need to and have no problems.
The Pro wing binds great. I recommend using the flow groove response or the flat response pads to do bind tricks with. When I do bind trick the yoyo grabs the string every time and the bind is tight. Like most offstring yoyos every once and a while I’ll get a kink in the sting when I bind.
The Pro wing has no bounce.The Pro wing’s bounce is its weakness. There is nothing to say since you can’t do bounce tricks if the yoyo doesn’t bounce.
I learned many new regens that I was unable to do on other yoyos. When regenerating I had a lot of control over the yoyo’s motions and was able to send it back out with ease. I can’t comment to much on the regenerations since I learned offstring regen recently.
The pro wing grinds pretty well. This was my first offstring yoyo that actually had a lip so I found myself catching a thumb grind more often. I felt all types of grinds to be more successful on the Pro wing then other yoyos.
The Pro Wing’s body is as durable as any other delrin throw and its axle system seems to be holding up. I had many offstring yoyo break because of the axle system and only time will tell if the Pro wing will hold up.
In Conclusion I would recommend this yoyo to anybody from beginners to experts. The greatest strength of the pro wing is the ability customizes and the pro wing greatest weakness is that is has no bounce. Unless you are crazy about having a yoyo with a bounce this is a good yoyo for someone who wants to learn all styles of offstring. For someone who wants to try offstring for the first time they may want to try something cheaper like the xx Fiesta but the pro wing would make a great second offstring yoyo.
I will hopefully do more offstring review in the future. I am attending the world competition so I might pick up an offstring at the world competition.


I was really looking foward to getting one but some research has me concerned. Shinwoo put out 2 different pro wings. One is for 1a and the other is for 4a. There is a size difference but im wondering if anyone would catch the possible mistake here. The 1a is 57mm in diameter and the 4a is 70mm. Thats pretty different. They are both made of delrin and they both have the same exact shape but because of the size and the amount of material , I’m guessing the 1a wouldn’t bounce to good but the weight and size of the 4a would. I noticed in your report that yours did not bounce well and was wondering if it was the 4a that you bought. I did notice that yoyoexpert has the 1a picture shown (or a mismarked 4a) in the 4a place and i know yye takes their own pics. So did yye get 1a’s instead and didn’t know they weren’t 4a. It should be clear by the yoyo because shinwoo put 4 red “A”'s on the 4a.
Like this here:

And the 1a being this:

Just a thought because i didn’t see any red on your yoyo. Could you measure the diameter and let me know if you have a 4a without the letters? If it is 4a, did you get it from yye? Just by looking at your hubs i would say you have a 4a but i just wanted to make sure if i by one from yye that it is 4a and not 1a.

The stats of my Yoyo match the stats of the 4A and when I make it an on string Yoyo it is very responsive like an Offstring should be on string. My pro wing does not have the 4 red A but I think after the 1A was made they gave there new 4A a different hub sticker. Older 4a will not have the 4 red As and come in a griffin wing box while the new ones come in there own box, I think. I do know for a fact that the pro wing I have now was design for Offstring. In fact if you go the yoyostorerewind website and look at the pro wings 4a pictures you will see both the old and newer 4a in there package. I think there exactly I identical other than the 4 red As

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Cool, that makes sense. Good write up tho. Needed work on the grammar but nothing major. Very in depth and very informative and you helped solve my riddle.