She's a KEEPER!


Well long story short, i have been waiting for the new gnarwhal’s for some time and when it finally came out, well i don’t have the money (broke college student life). My girlfriend went out of her way tonight and bought it for me in the color i wanted without telling me till half an hour of my complaining of no money.

She is a keeper for sure!

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Are you referring to the gnarwhal or to the girl friend? ;D


Sounds like a difficult decision.


Absolutely! Well done Tgod411. I don’t think my wife’s bought me something that expensive to this day. :slight_smile:


ps: My wife is wonderful and generous and lovely and kind and might read this some day.
pps: And she has spent more…although it took some begging.
ppps: See ps.

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(Kids take note; professional at work, getting a new yo as his wife looks over his shoulder while he is typing this response.) ::slight_smile:

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Marry her now




You are living the dream my friend. :wink:


That seems like a life or death decision there. I hope she doesn’t ask. :stuck_out_tongue:


Everyone should go tell their significant other, why can they be more like this guys girlfriend.


I wish i had a girlfriend who would buy me yo-yos.


Wish I had a girlfriend. Period.


I am kinda envious. Mostly I get something like ‘I certainly hope you don’t replace me with a yoyo’


Careful what you wish for. I’m often glad I’m single–I can throw as much as, and wherever I want, and can spend my money on yoyos (almost) whenever I want!

Now, a girlfriend who is into yoyos too…well, one can wish…


Well guys, if she’s not into yo-yos, you can introduce her to it, after all, what’s not to like? :smiley: Or, if that does not work, introduce her to another hobby. One thing you can do together is great, but activities to do alone away from each other is also great. :wink:


The boss just sees burning money when she looks at my yoyo bag. That said, she hasn’t given me much grief. Perhaps a bemused glance every now and then. She’s used to my hobbies by now…and this is a “cheap” one. (So far!)

aka “The Guy Who’s Trying To Figure a Way To Convince His Wife That a 21’ Bass Boat Is Necessary For YoYoing”



I wish anyone bought me yoyos. :stuck_out_tongue:


My girlfriend wouldn’t kiss me today until I showed her a yoyo trick ;D and she wants me to teach her…and she wants to buy me yoyos ??? I’m quite the happy camper!


I wish my parents thought yoyoing was a good way to spend my life. Heck, I wish anybody thought yoyoing was cool and bought me stuff.