Sharing our new Yoyo, the ICEWOOF

Hey guys! Josh Yee (AKA JeiCheetah) here!
I am the 2017 US National 5A Yoyo Champion, and 2018 Cal State And BAC 5A champion.
I’ve posted a bit about this elsewhere but I wanted to also share this here with you all :3

My fiancée and I have been working on Yoyo design for a while now and we developed a company we call “KnotCreators”! Our first Yoyo was a huge success so we went about to create a bi-metal design that we ended up totally falling in love with.

We recently ran a kickstarter for getting the last of the funds we needed for this Yoyo and it was a success!

We wanted to make this Yoyo more than just a throw to get to the Yoyo world, but we wanted to make this a throw that helped do some good for the world also, so we decided to donate part of the proceeds from every Yoyo sold to defenders of wildlife for their wolf conservation efforts!

Anyways, thank you much for checking us out, and Be sure to check out our Instagram for more exciting news and info!

Much love!


It looks really good. I already love your last release, too. Big rounded rims!!

Wish you all the best with this release!