Share your bad bind stories


I am kind of new to this site but I have yet to see any posts about bad binds so I figured I’d start one up.

My story:
Since I started throwing I’ve had a few close calls with bad binds… Nothing too crazy just brush by’s, hit the bill of my hat, etc. Recently I was doing a few tricks at work with my new OneDrop Dietz and blasted myself square in the forehead right between the eyes. One guy I work with was lucky enough to see it and he laughed for a good 30 minutes. It gave me a couple bruises and a nice little knot right between my eye brows. It made my mouth and eyes water up and then after a couple minutes the lights in the office seemed to get really bright and I thought I was about to black out. (or i guess “light” out since it was getting brighter not going black)

(SR) #2

The usual knuckles, face hits, and the family jewels.


One time I hit myself in the left temple. It somehow gave me a black eye. My friends made fun. I then hit my actual right EYE the next day. I saw a white light and sort of passed out. It left a mark in my vision so I went to an eye doctor. He thought I was crazy because the left eye had marks from hitting my temple but my right had none form hitting the actual EYE. He took an ex-ray and then believed me after seeing it because he saw a tear/whatever in my outside cornea. (NOTHING SERIOUS) . I was scared to death when I was seeing spots in my vision though.

The second picture: My pupil is dilated because he had to make it bigger to xray it. :wink:
Oh and I believe the temple black eye was a: General Yo Ministar. Actual eye cornea big pupil: YYF Northstar. I brought the yoyo to my eye doc appointment. It really is dangerous if you aren’t sober.
And yeaa im the best looking yoyoer itsall good ;D Sorry if your girlfriends noticed :o :smiley:


I the span of about 2 hours i managed to hit myself in the right eye 3 times, were i not wearing glasses at the time I’d have a severe black eye if not worse lol

(Owen) #5

I neutered myself with a bad bind…




Today I was doing boomerang, and my yoyo came back and was going to hit my face so I flung my head backwards straight into the wall. I felt really dumb


I’ve hit myself many times, but I heal, so that’s all good.

What wasn’t good was the time I learned not to wear watches while throwing. Couldn’t have been all of about 5 minutes into the first time I was throwing with my most expensive watch on, not even thinking about it. Got an unexpected movement from the metal yoyo and heard the loud “plink!” on my wrist as it slammed into the watch. Felt it too.

I couldn’t look. We’re talking about a $7k watch. My heart was thumping hard and I had that sort of faint feeling. After about a minute I mustered the courage to turn my wrist over for a look and luckily, only found the tiniest little scratch on the crystal which I was able to polish right out. But that was almost a disaster and certainly felt like one for a short time.