Share any of your problems

Hey everyone!
I wana start a forum where everyome tells their problems and people can give them advice. An advice column.
I’ll start.
So today a family came over with some little kids. Since I wasnt aware, I didnt have time to put away my valuables.
The came into my room becayse someone told them they could (Thanks Mom.) These kids were like Hurricane Katrina, flippin broke my whole room! They broke my T.V., my car & lego displays, my posters, my fuzzy NY Yankees dice hanging from the cord on my ceiling fan, my Monopoly, one of them dropped a deuce in my toilet and didnt flush, my deck of cards were on the floor just messedup, my yoyo poster was ripped, and worst of all, my yoyos were beat down on. I lost the bearing to my gfunk, my strings went here & there, my dark magic 2 was busted, and my lube was drained. I checked, and the total to replace EVERYTHING, including the T.V., was $672.54! I was really… smad! Help! :’([color=red][color=][/color][/color]

Depending on how old you are I would discuss this with these children’s parents. They should really have to reimburse you for your losses due to their lack of respect. Now since I’m not the calmest guy in the world I’d probly be a cussing mess trying to find out how I’m going to fix this. But since you’re probably much more sophisticated than I, you’ll probly handle it the first way I mentioned. I’m only thirteen. Probably somewhere around you’re age. Someone dinged my mint puffin once when I wasn’t home. He was also my best friend so I didn’t do much. Except for break up him and his girlfriend. LOL. I had another kid break my turtle beach headset and I tricked him into getting his arm stuck in a chair so yeah… I’m not a nice guy when it comes to this stuff. REVENGE.

The “REVENGE” part was kinda dark, but I see your point. I am also 13, but because of an incident back in third grade, I don’t discuss this kind of stuff. I come from a strict family, so if i did discuss it, my parents wouldnt approve. I just talked to them and they said they couldn’t do anything about it. I decided on locking myself in mybedroom whenever someone with little kids come. Thanks. And kudos on breaking up your friend and his gf.
P.S. Whats a puffin?

Its a $150 CLYW throw.

If you’re having yoyo problems I feel bad for you, son.

I got 99 problems, but a yoyo ain’t one.

I shouldn’t have laughed, but I did. Not cool man, not cool…

I feel for you OP. I don’t mind if I let anyone use my yoyos and they ding them, because hey, accidents happen. However I do have a problem with spoilt kids, so if I ever had a bunch of them burst into my room and start grabbing stuff, I’d have them marched down the stairs getting a good telling off before they’d make it as far as my yoyos.

If your parents won’t speak to theirs, then there isn’t really much you can do. At 13 you probably wont be able to go and talk to them yourself (depending on how well you know them really), and even if you do, if they’re the kind of people to have rowdy, undisciplined children then they probably aren’t going to care.

Just find good places to lock away your valuables in the future. Get a yoyo case with a lock or stick them on some high shelves.

I can’t help about the shape I’m in
I can’t sing I ain’t pretty
and my legs are thin :wink:

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Haha. Not directly. I really didn’t even do anything. It was just luck that she dumped him around the same time that that happened. He thought it was payback from me so I’ve just never told him.

Im so glad theres no spoiled little kids comeing over to my house

All I can say is put your yoyos on a high shelf
Put a sign on your toilet that says out of order (not sure if that will work but its worth a try)
Im not sure what you could do to protect your T.V.

So you didnt break them up over a hundred-fifty dollar toy that goes up and down.
Nah just kidding. I cant say that about yoyos.

The tv part i got down, but “out of order”? Would that work?

I dont know But I think its worth a try

For me is I had 5 too many snow days this winter so now midterms are still were there supposed to be for timing just we have half the time to study and review as a class in my school. Thanks polar vortex your making it all the easier.

I’m becoming addicted to speedcubing. Literally. I know it sounds stupid. I’ve never been happier in my life, but it’s to the point where my grades in a couple classes are slipping. Besides that, MN winter is depressing. It’s always cold. Dark early. Always gray. Pretty sucky.

I’m sorry about your stuff dude. I would talk to your parents, tell them how much money those kids wasted. I think they might listen then.

Where’ve you been the last couple of days? It’s been clear and sunny, albeit extremely cold.

For me, the usual “I’m really into this girl, but she ain’t into me.” O3O

This. Except she’s been my best friend since I was like 5, and I don’t want to ruin it.

For me, I go to boarding school. It’s 12 hours from my home. I want to go home and become homeschooled but there are pros and cons to each. Only thing keeping me from leaving, is 3 of my 5 bestfriends. I just can’t imagine leaving them. It’ll hurt too much. But at home, I have video games. And if you know me in person, you’ll know I am a hardcore gamer. And at my school, they don’t allow games. But not having those games is like ripping out a huge part of me. I’m not sure what to do. I’ve tried talking to my parents and some of my friends about it and they didn’t really help as much as I need. I can’t make big decisions like this. I always screw up and choose the bad one and it messes up everything.

If you’re a complete stud you could just kiss her and see what happens lol… :wink:

Haha… For the past few years we both have kind of himted that we “liked” eachother… I don’t think that it would turn out that bad if I tried that haha. Of course I would never actually do that in a million years. And im also pretty young… I think I should wait a bit before getting a “girlfriend”.