Shaped like the Surge but lighter


I’ve started assembling a wishlist of yoyos I want to save up for.

I want to find a yoyo that’s shaped like Yoyojam’s surge (I don’t know what that shapes called) but is lighter on the string. I’ve found the Surge is just a bit to heavy for me. I really like he weight and feeling of the DMII but I find my throw isn’t as good with it.

I’m thinking that maybe the Di-Base 2 might be good.

I want this yoyo for 1A.

Price isn’t an issue.

Any advice?

I already have the DMII, Surge, Mosquito, Freehand Zero, and a Loop 1080.

Don’t suggest a Summit because I’m already getting one.


I’m going to recommend the Quest. It has a similar shape to the surge, plays AMAZING, is lighter than the surge, has access to lateral caps, and is very ding resistant.


Thanks for the advice! I looked up the quest and it sounds really cool! I also really like YYJ.


I believe the RecRev TA-1 has a similar shape.