Shape of the YYF Delrin Severe compared to the YYF Onestar


Hi. Is the Severe the same shape as the Onestar? If it is, Ima gonna get it.

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I have both, so I set up a comparison photo of them side-by-side. I think it helps to see the relative size, as well as the shape. by The TotalArtist, on Flickr


TA, do you play all of your yoyos double-looped? I’ve noticed they appear that way in your pics (which are great btw, wanna be a museum curator? :slight_smile: ) What does double-looping give you on modern yoyos with wide gaps and silicon response?


Yeah, I’ve noticed this and wondered also. I know that double looping the string around the bearing makes the throw me responsive…is that how you like to play or is it just for the pics and sitting there?


Off the top, in a zone…

I like the double loop, cause the look is so pleasing,
I like semi-response too, but that’s not the only reason.
It’s a little addition to the photos that I’m giving ya,
And, I should mention, that double loop is my signature.
It’s adds more response, but that’s not a bad thing,
And, when a string is on, I try to use a black string.
Well…usually, and museum curator might be for me,
And, eventually you’ll see, that loop is me just being me.
I’m glad you inquired, thanks for the props on my pics,
The compliment was higher, than the hops on my tricks.
The double loop used to be five, can you even believe it?
I played large bearings responsive, and that’s how I achieved it.
So, really no specific reason, that’s just how I am,
It’s how I play, it’s my own look, and it’s how I began.
A few throws hate that double loop, but that’s okay,
Cause it works really great on all the main throws that I play.

T.A. 8)


Spit a rhyme all the time.


So similar, but not identical. Also; great rap TA, as always.


You have far too many talents - I’ll be in touch. :slight_smile: