SFyoyos PLSTC!

From SF: It’s that time. Before our first yoyo even existed we’d talk about how amazing it would be to make a plastic yoyo. However, for basically our entire existence… it felt like a completely unattainable dream; a far out fantasy. An abstract vision of some kid finding a yoyo video online and starting their journey with a cheap yoyo from a silly company like us. Learning all their foundational tricks with something we produced. Learning to love the whirr whirr of their plastic toy even after they’ve got a case full of nice metals and know every trick they never even imagined they could.

Plastic yoyos are just special, right?

They’re also extremely challenging and expensive to make for an indie operation. Diving in too early and failing could leave your company dead in the water. Attempting to make a mold too early could halt all other operations and tie up all your money forever. It just didn’t seem like it could ever be feasible… we started small.

Because of that, holding these just barely feels real.

To everyone who’s ever purchased an SF, shared a picture of their SF on social media, cheered for one of our players at a contest, or even asked “so whats that company that sponsored Keiran?”… thank you. Genuinely. Every little bit helps and it all helped some yoyo nerds achieve a dream they didn’t really believe they could. Making this yoyo.

It comes with two bearings, one is a lubed slim bearing for responsive play and the other is the CT that comes in all of our yoyos. It’s full sized. 564764. It spins and does tricks. Doing a flyaway with it feels like tossing around a baseball with your father figure of choice.

YOU COULD WIN! Buy a PLSTC from YoYoExpert and look for a note inside. ONE lucky PLSTC yo-yo purchaser will win a Misprint Tony Statement!

Releasing Wednesday 7/31 @ 8PM EDT.


How many did you guys get


I can see this replacing the First Base as (in my opinion) the best beginner throw.


Is that whitish one GITD?

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Looks like I’m getting a SF finally.


Looks like a glorious half swap opportunity.


This yoyo rocks; a joy to play, grind friendly
finish, and at an awesome price point.

The packaging is sweet too.


I have a feeling this thing’s gonna sell out quick. I think I need a pink (wish they came in green! /cry).

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Anyone got some photos or an unboxing video of the packaging? Now I’m curious!

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If something isn’t posted by the time I get home I’ll get something up tonight.

It’s just clean, the labeling, branding, product and accessory placement.

@sfyoyos nailed it.


Definitely enough to go around.

I don’t believe so… But I didn’t check. It’s like a pearlescent white, kinda changes colors in the light. Hard to capture in a photo.


Another thing, these colors are fantastic :heart_eyes:


Can I win a PLSTC for posting this reply?

Love the Braille on the Unknown edition.


It’s a bit of an homage to old Enyo plastics, it doesn’t quite achieve the same effect but totally copying isn’t really cool either. It has a neat pearlescent quality to it.


absolutely delightful.


At what point do we consider SF no longer a tiny boutique indy operation that sells like 10 yo-yos a month?

I don’t think anyone with their mind in 2019 thinks that at all, we sell hundreds of yoyos every single month and have been constantly active with no real lulls in activity for 3 straight years.