SF Yoyo Movement


First post here despite reading pleanty on the forums!

Recieved the SF Movement today from Slusny and want to tell the world how good it was. I’ve got a number of SF yoyos (Cadence, Statement, Ceasefire, Plstc) with the Cadence being one of my all time favourite yoyos. I would acctually say the movement is better suited to me when comparing it to the cadence. In general, it doesnt quite feel as fast as the Cadence but does have more of a zippy/ boosting type feel to it as you plough through combos. It’s got a nice bounce to it and it feels accurate to use (maybe because of the slightly bigger size). It doesnt feel hugely rim weighted and that’s because it’s not. HOWEVER, it spins forever, and ever, and ever… must be some kind of SF wizardry. The yoyos profile is shaped to reduce contact/ friction with the string with a slight invert on the (perhaps bell shaped?). This shape is also wicked at string rejections… it’s also come with Sochi hardware. It’s the first time I’ve tried the Sochi products and I can only echo the positivity from the rest of the community!

Things I dont like? Ummm i currently only have 1 of these cant take it everywhere with me. That’s it…

Any questions or opinions welcomed!!

See bonus photo below:


It looks awesome. Nice review. I can’t wait to try mine too:)

Thanks for the write up! I’m excited to get my hands on one of these

Hey welcome Matthew… I liked your review although I’d disagree w/the bell shape comment!
SF does not make organic throws…
It makes SF throws period! IMO the shape is extreme “V” as most are…
I’d like to give one a try… maybe some extra information on “how we can buy one”?
Or try one? Providing positive information is pivotal! Very good picture…

I would also say that the shape is a mostly “V” but commented on it being bell shaped to illustrate the slight curve on the yoyo surface. I’ve attached another photo to help explain what I mean :slight_smile:


I managed to buy mine from Slusny. They were on the website for about 30 mins before the website went into meltdown!! I heard that SF will be releasing more in the coming few weeks!

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