(SF Yoyos) #1

We’ve never had one of these neat forum manufacturer threads. The YoyoExpert relaunch seems like a great time to start!

Oh cool we got bumped from Up and Coming Manufacturers (even though we are just up and coming, right?) to Official.

Anyway, wsup?

(SF Yoyos) #2

The next real yoyo release from us will be the Bliss CS. Some should be on YoyoExpert soon!

This is Connor Seals edition of the Bliss. Connor liked the Bliss a lot, but instead of just doing a colorway, asked if we could tune it to his needs a bit more. So this edition of the Bliss is 1g heavier with a slightly adjusted gap.


Ooooooh fancy forum page. This is very nice. What do you want people who have never tried or considered purchasing an SF yoyo to know about the company?

(SF Yoyos) #4

Yikes. That’s a hard one.

If someone has never tried or considered purchasing an SF yoyo, we’d like them to know we’re okay with that decision because maybe they just think they wouldn’t like them and that’s fine.

Unless they just haven’t seen any… then maybe go check a couple out and revisit that choice.

(André Boulay) #5

Thanks for joining!!! :wave:

Pumped to give that CS Bliss a throw! :star_struck:

(SF Yoyos) #6

Pretty big news for us. Check out Tony Šec’s SF announcement video.

(André Boulay) #7

Thats a dope clip. Thanks for sharing here. :blush:

(SF Yoyos) #8

New yoyo coming soon, Ceasefire. Weird concept. I wouldn’t share it here if we didn’t intend to bring it to YoyoExpert soon :slight_smile:


This is awesome, resolving conflict the best possible way… through MORE YOYOS :rofl:

(Colby Hans) #10

I was actually interested in the OD x SF SK yoyo. Is that still available. I’ve been away from here for about a year.


I don’t think any SKs are available at stores at the moment but they come up regularly on #buy-sell-trade and they were / are inexpensive. A great yoyo!

(Colby Hans) #12

It looks an amazing yoyo, I’ll have to see if I can find one, or hopefully they come back in stock. Looks just right for me.

(Mk1 Yoyos) #13

I tried the CF at a yoyo meet and it’s really nice.

(Jacob Waugh) #14

Who’s was it?

(Mk1 Yoyos) #15

Alec Jones.

(SF Yoyos) #16

Glad you enjoyed it. I’m happy to have a new product coming out, makes posting stupid stuff on the internet more fun.

(Justin ) #17

Sometimes when I Find an SF post, while Scrolling through my instagram Feed, I Somehow always want to Flush my money into the SF product, all of which Spin Fantastically.


Heyyy I got one of these in the Monthly Throw thingie! It’s pretty rad!

(SF Yoyos) #19

I’m glad we got to take part in that. It was a neat way to get a new yoyo out. Hopefully you were surprised!

These are headed to YoyoExpert now.

(Choncworth) #20

I know I was, an awesome surprise.

That gold and SS is so clean.