SF Yoyos BD

Just saw they released a new project called BD party available for pre-order.

Does anyone know anything about it?




Annoyingly it won’t allow to order out of the US…

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Scooped up one because why not


There’s probably gonna be so many preorders that people end up selling them a week later for $10.

I’m tempted as well but I don’t think it’ll be worth it honestly.

Or perhaps it might be a very unique and attractive design, who knows?

I’m all in on supporting a return of SF


International shipping is So Far :wink:

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The SF write up is rather amusing, from their site;

You wander into an old friend’s birthday party - you haven’t seen them in awhile so it’s already a little bit awkward. You remember they were always kinda weird, but hey, you are too. Right away, your Strange Friend sees you looking lost in their house and runs over with a hug.

“I missed you!”

After some pleasantries, they mention they’ve met someone they’re convinced is perfect for you. They’re so insistent that it would be a match made in heaven… but they won’t show you any pictures. You’re shown a hastily drawn portrait on a sticky note that does not help at all. You’ve got questions but you’re not getting answers. They’ve always been so vague and mysterious about everything…

Your Secretive Friend just says they’ve got a “fun” personality and for some reason clues you in that they feature an “average diameter, average width, and average weight.” Who says things like that?

They want to set you up on a Blind Date in a month or so. Why a month? They say it’s a pre-order. What does that have to do with anything? You’re confused. A finger lands on your lips with a comforting “shhhhh”.

Do you trust it? Will you take a shot at happiness? The Unknown is always a Scary Feeling… but what’s 40 dollars for a yoy- I mean chance at love?

You take the leap.

Its that feeling all the time.



Secretive Friends they say…


I wonder if Unknown means Unknown Edition or random colorway. Either way that’s the one I ordered


I know nothing about SF but this is… kind of awesome?




I feel like whatever it is it’ll be worth it. I can’t see them doing something that isn’t. I’m too broke though.

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No idea what this is and don’t have the money for it. I’ll live through me if you all

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If it is a secret collaboration with Luftverk’s machined plastics project, including exclusive colors, I will be very impressed.

Hope not

It’s extremely unlikely.

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sorry about that, new 2 shopify and very stupid


It’s cool, to be fair I wouldn’t know where to start either. It seems to be working now though