SF BD pre-orders status?

After the pre-orders in July I haven’t heard anything about the BDs I ordered, the last email I have from @sfyoyos is the receipt. But apparently they’re shipping bc @MattC received theirs? I need to update my shipping address if that’s the case.

Did I miss some updates about it somewhere?

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Yeah you did. They asked a few weeks ago that if your address had changed they needed it. I guess this was over instagram. Im sure they will get ya worked out :heart:

Where did they ask this? I literally have no communication from them since my order receipt.

I found the other thread and apparently they posted on their website, but how was I supposed to have seen that without any indication there was an update to read?

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Posted on instagram as well. But yeah definitely they should have sent out an email.
This is probably going to be a huge pain for you to get the package now that its already shipped. Id dm and email them and hope they respond to one.

I have notifications for both their posts and stories turned on but I guess my IG glitched out from not being opened for a few months since I never saw them.

I sent them an email after starting this thread, fingers crossed they see it. I guess I’ll try an IG DM if I don’t hear back.

If my package has already shipped, fortunately I have a PO Box and used that as my address. While I’m away for two months and didn’t set up mail forwarding (I only use it for packages and didn’t think anything would be coming (lol); USPS is bad about forwarding packages anyways), I think what should end up happening is after it sits there uncollected for ~30 days it’ll be returned to sender. So at least it won’t get stolen because I didn’t send it to my apartment where packages are just dumped onto the floor of an insecure mailroom.

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Someone should get that mailroom some therapy.

my SFBD showed up today, I got a clear one and unfortunately it didnt come engraved like the black ones that were posted here :frowning:

still a solid throw though. i quite like it

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the black ones have an engraving because they are a special unknown edition

Oh, it’s been so long I forgot what all the options were