SFYOYOS Ceasefire! 1/10 @ 8PM EST!


You sheepishly peek out the window… is the fighting finally over? There hasn’t been much noise today. The robots took over years ago but the resistance never gave up hope. In the Black, you see movement 100 yards out and quickly shut the blinds hoping to avoid notice.

Curiosity gets the best of you and you take another peek.

You see two former enemies walking side by side… peacefully. Ceasefire?

The SF Ceasefire is a dual signature yo-yo for Collin Ellingson and Alec Jones. They used to argue and bicker a lot so it’s a way to hopefully make them get along. Funny approach to a signature, but the final product is unbelievably good!


(SF Yoyos) #2

what a weird product description I bet whoever wrote it is weird and unpleasant why would you ever describe a yoyo like that that’s dumb


It’s that feeling all the time.



The correct way to design this would have been two different halves on the same yo-yo.


Jeffrey Atwood
yo-yo design expert and overall genius

(Justin ) #5

Whoever this is…stop making your company so cool and your yoyos so enticing.

A broke college kid

(SF Yoyos) #6

Dearest Jeffrey,

I write you with great haste, I must disagree. A Ceasefire between two nation states is not written on separate papers with different terms. It is an agreement between parties involved.

These two silly kids who argue about clicks, who has better hair, music, and who has bigger hands are not nation states… but the philosophy applies all the same.

Best regards,
Ess Eff

Yoyo design amateur
Mediation expert


Let us have a moment of silence for what could have been

(Justin ) #8

How does it play?? :scream::scream:


So his real name is Ess Eff confirmed!

(Justin ) #10

We should call him Mr. Eff to be polite :nerd_face:


Hahahaha, I just had an Arrested Development flashback!

(SF Yoyos) #12

Oh please, you know we’re on a first name basis with each other.

(Justin ) #13

Just messing with you Ess :crazy_face:


Dang it now I really want to half-swap this ceasefire because that’s the meta. LOOK WHAT YOU MADE ME DO YOU MONSTERS

(SF Yoyos) #15

you have no one to blame but yourself


(ClockMonsterLA) #17

To paraphrase Lazarus Long: Yoyoers who half-swap their throws may have other nasty habits.


You’ll always be a Mr. E to me.

(SF Yoyos) #19

Not after the face reveal