Sf CEASEFIRE Release! New Colors!


New Ceasefire release from @sfyoyos dropping Wednesday, 1/30 @ 8PM EST! Shiny Blue and Angelo Aguirre fade!

(Jacob Waugh) #2

I laughed so hard at the description.


Oooooh, Anglelo fade!!

(Victorian YoYos) #4

I thought that very same thing lol


Everyone NEEDS a shiny blue Ceasefire! It’s even more stunning than the photo! Not to mention it plays :ok_hand: :100: :ok_hand: :100: :ok_hand:.

Something shiny definitely catches my eyes every time I look at my yoyo table!


Very shiny metal finishes are definitely interesting and I wish more companies would do them!

Only downside is shiny precludes “bead blasted” and shiny can also mean slippery / sweaty in play.

(Joseph) #7

Ever since I saw the ceasefire, there was always something about it that Iiked.