New from SFyoyos - Motive & Cadence double release! 12/6 8PM EST


OMFG! I could potentially be honeymooning but SF Cadence ES!
What!!! like… WHAT!!!

it is such a standard unassuming looking yoyo and oh my god, dare I say it is more stable than the VTWO and just rocked my world.

Maybe I am honey mooning hard but oh my god this is amazing!!!

The SF Motive I think is sick as well. Objectively a better yoyo. Even more powerful even more stable. Feels nice and heavy in hand but light on the strings. I love it.
But, but I kind of expected it to be given it’s by the same company, a bi-metal, more expensive and also looks the bomb.

But what I keep playing with is the Cadence ES. At this price and especially in this boring clear colour. It looks like it shouldn’t perform like this.
My VTWO is not speaking to me because it’s jealous of my new mistress.

I would seriously recommend either to anyone but the Cadence ES oh my. I think I might just sell all my yoyos and buy 2 more of these


Not really, lol.
But it’s that good

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Thanks for the feedback on those yoyos. I’m also very interested in the Motive. How would you compare the Motive against the Banshee SS? I know the price point is slightly different, and both are good. But I’m curious since the Motive should be a more refined version of the beta version (which itself already got very good reviews)


Info on Motive difference with new version:

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I haven’t received the Banshee SS yet.
I’m a noob still so I don’t think you should base your purchasing decisions over but if your interested I’ll post my thoughts on the two once I get my banshee ss

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Thanks Andre.

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No worries! They’re both good so its probably going to be difficult being objective anyway, and that you really couldn’t go wrong choosing either one of them. The thing with the Banshee SS (that I don’t like) is its always out of stock. It does become available in the GSquared site once in awhile, but on very limited quantities, so I’ll probably get something else.
Yiyang Wang from Yoyofriends, reviewed the Motive (Beta version) and it got some glowing remarks, so I imagine the new version, being more refined, will be an absolute competitive beast.
The Motive that you got is probably the new version btw, since I remember the Beta version only comes in a blue colorway.

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Pics of beta vs production if anyone wants to try and spot the differences.

They honestly look like different yo-yos.


Remy Baskin Wildcard World Champion lmao :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


For real tho, he did amazingly at this year’s World wildcards. Take a look.

I clicked +38 -0. Considering wildacards are just 30 seconds long, he did more tricks than seconds on his wildcard. Crazy.


So glad you’re loving those yoyos. I’ve got a number of yoyos (including some pricey bimetals) and the Cadence is a go to everyday. I’m going to pick up a motive today so will post my thoughts on Christmas day!

Where did you get that pokerdot yoyo bag… it’s beautiful :astonished:


Hey @Matt.C,

The polka dot pouch is from Airetic.

I got it for coming second on trick ladder at the UKSRC 2019 contest :slight_smile:

It’s lined with this fleece fir so nice and soft and great for me to carry my yoyo of the day to and from work and home.

Also yeah the Cadence ES just wants to be played on!


What are your thouhgts on the Motive? Looks really good, might be a good Christmas present!!


I don’t have a lot of bi-metal experience to compare to other than trying a few at the yoyo contest last weekend.

But I think this is one super awesome yoyo.
Objectively it’s a much better yoyo than anything I own so far performance wise.
But I need to point out I have been non stop using the Cadence ES though since I received these two yoyos. Not sure why but the Cadence ES really wants me to just play with it.
Kind of forgot all about my deadline to complete the Kamikaze and did other things and just had fun all night yesterday with the Cadence ES


Here is the promised photo.
Turns rose gold while spinning :slight_smile: