sewing machine oil as lube?

I was using my PGM just like any other normal day. The bearing seized up completely and ran about 20 seconds before stopping. SO a friend handed me a bottle of oil for a sewing machine. First i checked out the bottle and made sure it wasn’t anything that would damage my bearing, after that I put just a tiny bit on the bearing. as i applied it to the bearing i noticed that it had a very low viscosity and had a slight smell to it but nothing bad. I put the yo-yo back together and it worked great! has anyone had any similar experiences like this?

Should be fine. A lot of people used it w/o problems before specialized yoyo lube was marketed to the masses.

That’s really cool. i don’t really like lube but on the other hand playing dry can be bad. i haven’t added anymore to it and it still works fine maybe i just had some lint in the bearing?