Homemade lube!

Back at it with the questions again! :sweat_smile:
So, since there arent many option to but yoyo lube in romania, and international shipping is quite pricey, i want to make my own lube. I saw one of brandon vu’s vidoes, where he uses 1 part 3-in-one oil to 3 parts lighter fluid, the only problem is, as far as i can tell, that there is zero 3-in-one here. What could be a substitute, and is it really as good as he says?
Here is the link if you need it: How To Clean A Yoyo Bearing WITHOUT Yoyo Lube - YouTube

Any help appreciated! :grin:

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Sewing machine oil I’ve heard is a very high quality thin oil and usually cheap. Is that available?


Someone in EU, send a bottle of thin lube to Aaronn!

According to the data sheet on the 3in1 site, that oil is mostly “Severely Hydrotreated Heavy
Naphthenic Oil.” Not sure that helps :slight_smile: .


Try looking for “Light Machine Oil” I feel like it would bring up stuff that’s very similar.


Yes it is. I used it once on an old bearing, put waaay too much, and the bearing is still responsive and gritty even after cleaning it :sweat_smile:

Alright, thanks!

Sweimg machine oil will do the trick just fine.

Even the little bit of oil they include with hair clipping kits would work as well.


Alright. Should I dilute it with something like the brandon does with 3-in-one?