Thin lube

Is it possible to make thin lube? I’m planning on getting some soon but if I could make it that would help a lot open to all Ideas

V4M is $6 and the bottle will last forever.

Any thin yoyo lube is in the $5 range and will last forever. What’s the reason for wanting to make it?

I’m all about DIY to save money, but I don’t think you can save much making lube because you need so little and it would last so long. You could save many times more by making your own strings - if you burn through them like I do anyway ;D

If you feel like you have to lube a bearing right now and can’t wait to have it shipped, I think 3-in-1 oil is an option that has been used before (not by me though.) It’s actually a little thicker than thin yoyo lube, but thinner than the thick lube. Perhaps there is a way to thin it a little?

I hear sewing machine oil is an option also, but I know even less about that so…

If I were you, I’d just get some yoyo lube ordered. It’s probably not worth the time and effort that you could be using to DIY something that WILL save some money.

sewing machine oil works I use it on my Yoyo bearings you can get a nice large bottle for $5 and it lasts forever plus the stuff is meant for bearings. And also I hate to say this but your better off buying this than making your own you will probably end up spending more on the materials than what it’s worth and if it works.