Severe or Supernova.


I’ve been looking for a new 5A throw for a while. I’ve decided that I like the shape of both the supernova and the 2010 Severe.Thing is, they are both the same basic weights and diameters. I don’t really want a supernova light because I was hoping to get a 7075 metal. Any ideas?


Supernova all the way. Tiny bit smaller and weighs more but feels lighter than the severe. Faster and longer spinning and more stability to boot. I have one and used to have a severe 2010, preffer the supernova way way more. Don’t get me wrong the severe is amazing but the supernova is better, plain and simple.


Wow…: a tough one… I own both, and they are amazing yoyos… At this point I would probably say supernova or the light version, just because there are more colors to choose from… But Definitly don’t discount the severe… It’s beautiful and has a nice wide design… It’s a looker and a performer, a beauty and a beast… It dosnt grind as well as the supernova though so that’s another consideration…

Yep, at this point I would go for the supernova, but you can’t go wrong either way…

A little side note: when I was deciding to buy a supernova or severe, I ended up getting both, and I’m glad I did. But if that’s not an option, just go with the one that looks better to you