Supernova vs Severe

So I just got my Severe fixed (Thanks YYE :slight_smile: ) And I was wondering how does the Supernova play in comparison to the 2012 severe?

Severe feels lighter, thinnner, and is less stable. They both play fast, but I feel the supernova is faster, and more stable while goping fast.Sometimes, my severe will also bind during play, which can get annoying. overall, the supernova is much better in my opinion. I have 4 supernovas, and 1 severe 2010.

Also, I highly recommend a 2011 or earlier supernova. To me, the 2012 is terrible.

I love mine…it plays great…

And I prefer the supernova over the severe.

Metal Severe < 7075 Supernova < Severe < Supernova 2012

The Supernova is an outstanding yoyo. I have never played a Severe, so I can’t compare them.