Severe 2010 vs. supernova/supernpva lite?

why is everyone all hyped for the supernovas?

what makes them better than the severe 2010?


The Severe’s always been semi-hyped, so it only makes sense that the supernova would as well.

I’m only seeing slight differences in the specs, so I can’t imagine they play too differently. But I haven’t thrown either so I can’t say for sure. Plus in my opinion it’s a WAYYYY better name. I never really liked the play on his name much

Save some money… Get the same play for 85$… Supernova light my friend

Get whatever you can for the least amount of dollahs. They are all basically the same thing. Even the Severes vary in weight by several grams. They all play basically the same.

I think the word “hyped” explains the difference in people’s perception.

I have both the Severe 2010 (capless) and the Supernova and I see little difference in play.

i personally like teh severe 09 the best. even though i am still tracking down a personal one.

Actually, the YYF Supernova is quite different than the Severe 2010. The Supernova has a different shape that makes a big difference. It’s beast!