SuperNova Vs. Genesis


Hey guys I am wanting to buy a new throw and I have narrowed it down to these 2. I just want to know which one is the best for 1A in general.


I would go with the Supernova.


neither of these are “best”… they are just different… depending on what you want you might go with the supernova, which is lighter and speedier… especially the light version… or you could go with the genesis, which is heavier giving more spin time and stability… and has the option of hubstacks…

so yea… just different… personally i cant really choose between the two, but i have the supernova, and am waiting to get a genesis…

so just take this into account when deciding


Nearly all of team yyf uses genesis, so it’s obviously a great choice, but supernova has the option of the lite which I think is cool, because personally the genesis is heavier than what I prefer


Supernova: Stronger aluminum (more durable), wide, stable, full sized, angular shape, great for 5a, premium line.

Genesis: Stable, full sized, h-shape, Hubstacks available, famous for stability, great for 5a, fundametal line (yes it is).


If I had to choose between the two I would say the genesis. I have owned three supernova, one nova, and two supernova lite…and two genesis, and one genesis+.

The genesis can spin just a tad longer than the supernova and the others like it but the supernova and genesis are amazingly stable. The supernova feels very big in your hands, it takes a bit getting used to that is for sure. The genesis can move fast that is for sure but the supenova can move faster. Still genesis all the way, hope that helps.