Sever3 pics

(yoyo jake) #1

Can someone post pics of a sever3 please


Did you try looking in the store?

(Matty#14) #3

Thats the severe 2010. Different from the Sever3. I dont believe pictures are out yet, and has the Sever3 been confirmed yet? I thought I heard something about it, but Im not sure.


That was the hardest freaking thing to find ever. I did some serious research and that is all I found. Your welcome!  ;D



I tried Tyler’s at Nationals. So freaking awesome. He says that it’s capless (which it is) but he designed it to make it feel like it does have caps. I think it’s also going to come with a Center-Trac. But it’s still just in testing. There will be one, so just wait.


Looks like an '09 version from the pics. If it really is true to the original Severe, I’ll deffinitly but one.


Ah, I see misspell the word or try to be leet and it’s a different throw. Sorry about that, didn’t know that there was yet another Severe…guess it’s the 3rd, eh?

(Chase Baxter) #8

Theres another one coming out?


I actually tried it, and watched him perform with one. I’ve tried a Severe 1, 2, and this one is completely different.