Set the Wayback Machine to 1990, Sherman!


Dust off the Dennis McBride vhs tapes, and grab a YYF Confusion.
Very smooth, very responsive, very STM, frog-in-a-bag, hydrogen bomb, no tuning or modifying or messing around needed… It’s like a turn key experience in how yo yo-yo like an old guy.


Awesome, thanks for the brief review! STM is a must.

Gap test: can you do figure 8’s on it without it snagging? Works on both versions of the Alleycat, so I’m just curious.


I really like the Confusion. Had mine for a couple weeks now, got one of the Purple ones from YYF’s B-Grade sale. Which I was happy about, as I wanted a purple one. It reminds me of a Cold Fusion GT, but with modern specs.

Brian: The stock pads protrude a little, so while I haven’t tried figure 8’s on it, you’d have to be extremely smooth to pull them off I think. I’ve been meaning to swap the pad for a set that would be flush, and just lube the bearing more. I have noticed the stock pads will catch more so than other responsives, mainly because of how they stick out. Mainly been trying to wear them down before I swap them. That’s what we did with brake pads. Swap them then wear them down to where they weren’t as snaggy.


Figure 8 is one of my go tos so had to grab one for a test run to check - It’s a little snaggy after 2-3 rotations, but kind of doable. Once the pads wear down I think they’ll be pretty smooth though.


Oh man, I already wanted one before seeing this! Now… I’m trying to cut back on yoyo buying, with the opening of my new business. I’ll probably give in.