Got my First YYF Confusion

Hey, just wanted to make a quick post to give a shoutout to the couple of people that recommended i purchase a YYF confusion. i recently got back into throwing after 20+ years, and was asking the community about responsive play, and had multiple people tell me to get the Confusion. well i just received it, and it is SUCH A JOY TO PLAY. its great. i have yet to switch out the pads to the unresponsive ones but ill get around to trying it.

anyway- i just wanted to say, this forum is awesome, you guys are awesome, and thanks for the recommendation. It honestly seems like this yoyo is such a steal for the price. it feels like real quality, love it

thanks everybody, and happy holidays,

Peace and Love,


Yes, it’s a bit of an old school throwback and fun to play. Also a knuckle breaker to the unsuspecting.

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Oh yeah my knuckles are getting messed up but I’m loving it! Haha they are just love bites