Set Sail


Anyone excited for this release? I think the shape looks really cool

(Steve Brown) #2

It’s really nice. Looking forward to the Selkie and seeing what these guys do next.




I’m really curious to see what it feels like on the strings. Some shapes help a throw float a little bit but such an extreme H shape usually makes a throw feel more solid. So I feel like your defaintly going to feel all 70 grams of this throw.


i would get one, but i have no money :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

(Owen) #6

used to own a prepro. its a D@//\ // solid yo. good ish.


any info on release numbers? are these limited? are they only making a certain number of each colorway?
just wondering how exclusive these are going to be, ive herd conflicting info.


YYE has 1/3 of the full run. each colorway is limited, as it probably won’t get the same ano colors again if I decide to get another run made.

I’ll be sending more of the run to YYE soon. :smiley:


These look really promising. Hurrying home from work tomorrow to buy me the purple+orange splash… Or maybe the coppery one…