Senpai vs SPEED

The Senpai is 69 grams, but don’t let that make you think it can’t handle speed! A common misconception is that lighter yoyos are the only ones that can move quickly, but heavier yoyo’s allow a greater level of control thanks to their heft, and the extra power can really be pushed around on the string to make speed combos flow with ease.


Nice video! That is true, but it requires much more strength and is significantly more tiring to get the yoyo to move at speed, which is the reason why professionals have no qualms about using heavier yoyos and consistently use yoyos around 66-67g since they have the strength and energy already. The extra weight also allows you to do longer combos as well.

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I actually find lighter yoyos to be more tiring for myself! Likely because the lack of heft means less control for me so I feel like I’m working harder to try and get the yoyo to do what I want. Heavier yoyos seem to lessen that feeling so thus they never less laborious.

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That’s interesting! I guess lighter yoyos seem to want to play faster than you which can make it feel kinda uncontrollable. At the highest of speeds, control is king anyways haha.