Sengoku Oni: What do you think?

Please share everything that comes to mind when you think of the Sengoku Oni.

What are the Pros and the Cons?
What throws are similar in feel?
What throws are similar in design?
Is it worth the price point?
How does it compare to the Sengoku Musashi?
Etc etc etc.

One of my favorite bimetals. Reminds me a bit of the 2018 G2 Elite which I also love, but I think the Oni is a bit better.

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Oh right on thats awesome! Please describe how it plays.

I don’t have an Oni, but you did mention the Musashi so I could give you an idea of how it throws. It was designed to be an extreme V with tons of rim-weight, and it plays exactly like you would expect. Very stable, actually extremely stable, and really long spinning (one of my longest). On the string it is slightly on the heavy side, but it is definitely not sluggish by any standard. I consider it the most easy to use yoyos I have, and will often pick it up if im trying out a new trick (over carpet because expensive). Absolutely dead smooth, no vibe whatsoever. Imo this would be a more popular yoyo if it werent for the price. It is basically my end-game V-shape yoyo and buying it has made me lose interest in new V-shapes currently coming out. It’s that good imo.

As far as it being worth the price, id say that it probably is. It is a 7068 aluminum body with one of the most perfect ano finishes ive ever felt on a yoyo, and along with the stainless steel weight rims, it is absolutely a premium throw. Performance-wise it also delivers. None of my sub-$120 yoyos can quite compete in this category. Nevertheless, I still say that the price is one of the yoyo’s cons. I know more expensive stuff exists, but I am most certainly not a buyer for them. ymmv

I know it isn’t exactly the yoyo you were asking advice for, but I hope this helps. If the Musashi is any indication about how other Sengoku yoyos feel, id be willing to bet the Oni is fantastic as well.


That was some superb input, thank you.