Sengoku Masamaxx; this is not a review


It is an admission.

I do not like heavy yoyos. I have never liked heavy yoyos. If it’s over 72 grams; it’s just no fun to me.

… Until now.

My friend Julio sent me a Masamaxx. All 90 grams of it. In one little heavy box😳

He knows I don’t care for heavy yoyos. But he knew something I didn’t know. He knew I was gonna Love this yoyo.

That’s confidence.

90 grams of goodness :+1:

Japan Tech. Ti yoyo used for size contrast


Dang! That’s one heavy yoyo! Does it play super slow because of all the weight? Is it crazy stable?


Exactly almost🤔

I would say ‘slower’ but not super slow.

Amazingly stable.

Feels like a great ‘training tool’. Because it literally keeps you focused on each trick step/segment… and keeps you from rushing or being sloppy.

It’s giving me a much better perspective on an advantage to a heavy yo-yo that has the weight properly placed in the dimensions that can deal with that weight. I would say the average person would prefer a yo-yo that weighs between let’s say 62 and 71 grams. And I am one of those people preferring yo-yos that hover somewhere around 66 grams. But I’m sure many people have noticed that lighter yo-yos it’s sometimes hard to actually slow your tempo down because lighter yo-yos have a tendency to be a little more Squirrley and a lot of them they just want to move fast; from my experience. But you don’t have to ask this yo-yo to slow down it tells you we’re going slower here pay attention; and it works out just great that way.

Now if you do have the misfortune of smacking yourself in the head with this yo-yo you will surely be the first to know it.

Fortunately because of the more methodical pace that the yo-yo commands you to move ; your chances of spinning out of orbit and slamming yourself are minimized.

I don’t even think Julio is trying to compete against other manufacturers. I think the guy’s just trying to compete against himself to try to outdo himself and just keep doing things better as it goes along and he started out making good yo-yos in the first place and he just keeps surprising the heck out of me🙀


I was thinking this when I read about this yoyo. I bet it has amazing spin power as well.