Any Sengoku Masamaxx thought?

I know this is a pretty limited release but I’d be interested in hearing anything thoughts on this yoyo. Is the over 90 gram weight still viable? are you willing to throw this yoyo more than once before reaching for something more practical or can you throw this all day like a typical 65 gram yoyo?

I applaud Sengoku for their interesting designs and releasing them to the public.

I know I wouldn’t be able to. Maybe it has to do with age and work. But my finger/knuckles couldn’t handle it. I threw a 110g onedrop. Crazy heavy. Three or four throws with that was all I wanted.

Well I bought one so I’ll let you know! I have been wanting something for pure stability and this seemed to fit the bill perfect.

yoyodoc shared some positive thoughts about it:,95831.msg1040375.html#msg1040375

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Awesome! Definitely let me know what you think.

Thanks, I must have missed that post

Please post and tell your thoughts on this. I’m very interested on how this yoyo plays.

First thoughts:

STABLE and spins for a long time!

I was able to do my longest/most intricate combo, mess around with other tricks for a few seconds, then decided to bring it back up and still had a slight thud. That wasn’t even a full throw! It’s great and can actually move pretty decent for its weight!

Does it seem like a yoyo you can play for a while and pick up often or will you just pick it up when you’re looking to mix it up before going back to a more normal throw?

I feel like it will be maybe not an everyday yoyo, but definitely often. For me, the purpose of this yoyo was to have a learning tool. If I want to just have a session where I actually sit there and work on long combos, this is supposed to help me with that. I get annoyed when I’m working on new tricks and can’t quite make it to where I want it, so this is supposed to help with that. Actually, after a few minutes of play, the weight and everything seems normal (if that makes sense?). Like the yoyo still feels slow and stable but you get used to it.

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It’s an awesome throw! Mine showed up today. It’s crazy stable and long spinning, like top of the category in both. I actually really enjoy playing it. Yea it’s heavy and slow, but man it is super chill!!! And I can not say enough how stable it is. I switched back to a normal throw and felt like I was flying. Imagine a swing weight on a baseball bat, similar to that. It’s really a ton of fun to play. My advice is to get one

I just posted on Instagram a video of me using it on what was supposed to be a speed combo just to show that it does have the ability to move :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: the combo was sloppy but I hope it gets the point across :wink: