Sengoku Kenshin VS YYR Sleipnir

This isn’t a thread where I’m looking for a recommendation. I already own the Kenshin. Just like to see how people compare it to the Sleipnir.

Only post & vote if you’ve played both.

I love them both, but in the end, I’d pick the Sleipnir. Both of them are outstanding yoyos that excel at horizontals and speed tricks. The Kenshin is slightly faster and more agile with a more grind-friendly finish, but tends to slip during binds, which can be a real pain. The Sleipnir is slightly more stable, long spinning and comfortable to hold, but what I really love about it is how amazing it feels on the string. It moves so smoothly and easily that it feels like it knows your next move. It’s something you need to experience to believe. Plus, it looks really, really good ;D

Anyone else?

I don’t think it’s worth comparing them.

The only similarity is that they share a V shape.


I actually find that the kenshin is more agile, stable and longer spinning than the sliepnir especially horizontally and more comfortable because it wider. The sliepnir is too thin for me. Also if you need tighter binds you can just try a different response or thicker string or just bind a bit more thoroughly, but it’s worth noting that the Yoyos response dramatically reduces string drag against the response this increase spin time during combos. Also the metal their made of is totally different. 7068 gives it that titanium like weight distribution. Check how thin the walls are. It’s what give the Yoyo its agility and stability. Also the smooth finish is great for grinds and finger spins unlike the sliepnir which will have its Ano scratch off in time because it’s polished 7075 which tend to be quite corrosive.