Sengoku Kenshin Kiwami

I havent made a yoyo with 100% competition oriented in mind since the Musashi. And i believe i succeed. the more i play it, the more i think there is nothing to add. Is like a precise machine.
Made with Al 6061 for in a more affordable price (from $99) and keep the top quality and performance as its more expensive counterparts. Kenshin Kiwami (Kiwami = Ultimate) is the ultimate competition yoyo, based on the original Kenshin specs and improved with SS rings.


Sweetheart throw…

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Having thrown this - its a winner! More soon! Nice job @NeoHamster! :100:


Very interesting. Love that black with gold rings.
@NeoHamster - what is that picture engraving on the center of the hub represents?

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Is the Uesugi clan crest. (name is after the warlord Uesugi Kenshin)


Nice that you made it looks even more badass!!

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That is fantastic. Thank you for the response!

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